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Welcome to All the Apparatus, a newsletter that will discuss ideas that animate the Dumb Era we’re doing our best to live through—illiberal thought, anti-system politics, and the conspiracism and conspiracy theories underneath too much of it.

I’m a freelance writer who has been covering bad ideas in politics for over a decade. Because Antisemitism is inevitably the axis for illiberal movements, I’ve often focused on it. In so doing, I’ve acquired some depth of knowledge about less commonly addressed facets of the anti-Jewish phenomenon: Left-wing Antisemitism, Black/Jewish tensions over peoplehood and Zionism, the aspects of contemporary “Antiracism” that are inimical to the welfare of Jews, and most of all—the nature of Antisemitism in its most salient form as a conspiracy theory.

Antisemitism is a conspiracy theory.

I’ve had bylines in The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, Tablet Magazine, and the Jewish Daily Forward. You may recognize me as the guy who wrote that Antisemitism “punches up.”

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Conspiracy theories, anti-system politics, and our Dumb Era.


John-Paul Pagano

I write about bad ideas in politics. Focus on conspiracism. Anti-Semitism is a conspiracy theory. Bylines @theatlantic, @thedailybeast, @jdforward, @tabletmag